My manager needs accurate estimate

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    just say some absurd time estimate and double it. From there you can trade it downwards.

    It'll take three years. No way! you get a year! That will never happen! 2.5 years! out of the question 1.5 years and not a day more! ... 3 months later: Hey pm, I'm finished what now?
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    There's a fine art to this science.

    Pick a number... don't say it yet.

    Multiply by Pi and round off to closest full day.

    Now say the number.

    Never again will you have estimate issues.
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    There's no such thing as accurate estimate. Best estimate perhaps but for the estimate to be accurate you may have to open a third eye to look into the future.
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    Nice example of an oxymoron which everybody should understand. Except for managers, I guess.
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    Welcome to software dev. where your job is to spend all day wondering why your manager gets paid!
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    just fart and start timer when your fart is finished stop timer.

    time:Float = timerNumber

    while(time < 1)

    if(time > 2)
    time = 2

    now multiply time by your birthday(just day number)

    and end

    its work believe me.
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