Got rejected, need advice.
I had an interview for a remote company in Singapore, they said they found a better candidate in the end. I really wanted this job because they would've paid me 12-15x my current salary. Ofc I understand that I'm still a Junior and I'm not an attractive candidate, so my question to you is, other than my years of experience, how can I make myself stand out from the crowd?

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    You should find out how the other candidate was better than you and what you could have done better
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    What @asgs said, just ask the company why they chose the other profile over yours.
    Companies who care about their people will give you a good answer. Companies that see their employees as cattle won't.

    Either they reply and you can improve yourself or they don't and you know you want to stay away from that company.
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    read the book
    How to Win Friends and Influence People, Book by Dale Carnegie

    it'll give knowledge how to get people intested in you
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