WebDev jobs should come with big warning signs:
"You absolutely will lose your sanity!"
"IE11 might indirectly lead to impotence!"
"You won't get laid more often by using CSS Grid!"
"You will have to fix websites which only appear broken on iOS Safari!"
"Get some extra terabytes ready for your node modules!"
"Get ready to yarnify your npm dockerized webassembly blobs while gulping on your mocha chai latte with no karma!"

Can't we just go back to the good old times with Quick Basic and chill?
Man, the ladies were flocking around those programmer boyz, I tell ya... Klickety klackety on the mechanical

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    Chai? Matcha or GTFO. What kind of sweatshop is this.
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    @SortOfTested I'm just bullshit bingo-ing you 😉
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    > QuickBasic
    fuck it i'm down let's do this
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    I hate Safari on iOS. It's the source of all evil and I cannot test it because I won't use any Apple devices.
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    I'm a mobile apps developer and the times my colleagues came to me to test a website on an iOS simulator are more than I can count :\
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    I knew I should have joined the military. Being shot at is better than this shit.
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