After working for weeks writing sophisticated Scala code, and building à team of react devs working on this for months, these fuckers come to me with let's go the cms route. I would like to sincerely declare, fuck this company and I hope it crashes and burns. I know start-ups are constantly changing and iterating but this is straight up nonsense.

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    Someone in management realized that your tech stack had a modicum of job security and said, "we'll see about that."
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    I have a single rule when it comes to where I work, it's a very simple one, and somehow others don't do it 🙁

    - No fucking startups!

    They may pay more, they may work with newer tech, but fuck that agony of never delivery anything due to the uncertainty of ever knowing what it is the place will actually do.
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    @SortOfTested they really came for us.
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    @C0D4 that was mistake number 1. I sure as shit will never join another startup again. I have learned. This job is driving me mad.
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    @witchDev you're forgiven this time, everyone seems to loose their startup virginity eventually, just as long as it doesn't become a repeat offence.
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    @C0D4 @witchDev
    You guys are in the wrong startups 😋 we've shipped 2 out of 5 products in a planned suite, sans VC.

    I'd agree if you said to avoid venture funding chasers who haven't found market fit.
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    @SortOfTested can you hire me? 😭 We haven't been able to ship one thing in the past 1 and a half year because the model keeps changing even before getting to the market because our ceo is an indecisive child.
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    Having been in that position, I try to not make too many assumptions. I worked some years ago at a startup where I was the engineering lead, and halfway to release we pivoted to a model that amounted to never shipping anything; it was infuriating, it made no sense. I eventually learned that the primary investor had shit the bed on another company he'd bought outright and was forcing us to use [busted ass tech company b]'s resources purely so he could funnel his investment capital for our firm into the profit column of his other firm.

    Slowboating happens all the time; when the market is unstable, like right now due to coronavirus everyone becomes fiscal turtles and shelters in place to ride out the period of 0 financing and control burn. Entirely viable companies are routinely killed and become writedowns to ease the tax bill on a baloonicorn in the same portfolio. Intelligent founders understand this and try to budget for it so they buy back the venture stake for pennies on the dollar, it's basically free money.

    That's why I avoid venture capital with any controlling strings attached like the plague. Founders with experience won't make that mistake twice. Some of us had the advantage of learning from the failure of others.

    Startups aren't the only companies subject to this, they're just the only companies where you're close enough to the books to understand what happened. Your boss may very well just be an idiot though.
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