@dfox Feature request
Could we have fully displayed rants ? Maybe as a setting disabled by default ?
I mean sometimes i'd like to relax and just mindlessly scroll, and having to tap to read longer rant and then tap back is, well, too much.
Especially when the rant ia only like 2 words above limit.

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    Hmmm interesting request. I like it 😀. @dfox ?
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    Perhaps an expand button instead?
    There is already a comment button.
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    @fSociety What do you mean by expand button? Because my whole point was to read without additional taps. Currently whole rant kinda works as expand button
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    Interesting idea, we can probably add in a setting for that.
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    Would be great ;)
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    Or maybe display the full rant with an added button "See more" like Facebook. And to see the comments, you have to tap on the rant. Or something like that?
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    @Arlekin probably what @fSociety means is that you would still have to scroll through a long rant even if it is not "interesting" enough. You can just tap a button to see the expanded post or tap the rant to see the current expanded view with comments
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    Im not quite sure i get that, do you mean like button that would expand rant, but keep the user in the feed (as opposed to tapping a rant to go to new screen with only this rant and comments)?
    I guess this would work too since my main complaint is having to go between those list and detail views.
    Although that's the reason i suggested it as a togglable option so if someone doesn't like long rants unfolded then has an option to leave it as is.

    Anyway if i understood the ide of expand button correctly then im all for it
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    @Arlekin that is exactly what I was suggesting. My concern with your idea is that it will expand all the rants by default, even the ones which are not very interesting
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    What about this. You long press on rant and it opens in modal with full rant and comments?
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    Modal wouldn't be that bad given it'd be easy to dismiss.
    But thats only for people with big screens - so there is that.

    I get your point. IMHO having that kind of expand button seems like best of both worlds right now.
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    This would be super useful for me. Though probably not a common case, I actually don't get mobile Internet on this device (I'm actually happy about this except when I want to use gps), so I like to preload the rants, which means i can't read rants that go over the limit.
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    *long* tap to expand any rant to full text would be a cool feature. I don't mind tapping a rant to view the whole thing but it is a bit slow if you just want to see where it's going..
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    How about swipe left to read and swipe right to go back to feed. Similar to flipboard
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    @Arlekin basically the see more btn like FB.
    That way you avoid going going a level deep. Maybe combined with the swipe left/right option so you can quickly get to/from the comment area.
    Having to click the top left is troublesome on larger screens.
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    I wouldn't know, i dont have fb ;)
    Regardless, im all for that idea
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