With work from home being way more productive why the fuck would any software development company go back to the office? Rent, workstations, and electricity are expensive! Why spend that money when it’s not essential to your business.

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    Shitty managers, mostly. Too many people use their headcount as a trophy to flex their power in an organization. Kind of hard to do that when everyone is remote.
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    Since we started wfh our productivity plummeted. Just because people can hack their php websites together from home doesnt mean its a viable option for everyone.
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    1. Shitty managers who think of themselves too highly and think "present at the office = productive"

    2. pre internet mindset and "it has be always done this way and it will be done this way"

    But to be fair, employees should get extra pay for providing the Infrastructure, like internet bills and a part of the rent.
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    Managers wanting to be in control. Also, those fuckers are often dead bored when they can't walk around the hallway and look at their "creation". I think productivity would not be as high for some people but there's a period of adjustment. Maybe it will work out.
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    Well, I'm a person who had worked for like < 10 days in the last 13 years before this

    People are working remote because there is not much of a choice at the moment. Once told that it is all over, they would die to come to office to work

    Of course, commute is an utter inconvenience but working remotely hardly feels like I'm working to me. Face to face interaction and white board discussions are more convenient to do than sharing screen and showing some block diagram. I can easily remember how many times my internet connection goes unstable or the other person's voice goes robotic/melodic. We have also wondered whose internet is bad now. Having to ask/confirm that the voice is audible and screen is sharing every now and then is a totally backwards way of working

    People are more productive during this period because they don't have anything else to focus on except family issues which were always there. But it is only a matter of time the pressure they feel is going to break them open
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    WFH being more productive? Speak for yourself. I got a decent setup, huge desk, comfortable chair, no nagging roommates or family = great WFH environment.

    And still can't wait to work from the office again.
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    Count me in. I'm doing my tasks in less time when wfh, and I enjoy it this way. Give my desk to someone else.

    What I really feel Schadenfreude about though are multiple corporations around here, who just recently had forced everyone into large noisy open offices. Those fuckers are proven wrong about "can't be done" and "doesn't work". I hope their corporate drones wake up and look for better employers.
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