After much muttering about making a program to parse regular expressions into more human-readable English, I think I'm finally at the point that I'd like to invite you to try it out.

- I do not claim this is perfect. I know for a fact there are things I haven't added yet -- hexadecimals, for example. *shudder* -- and I'm sure there are edge cases I haven't figured out yet
- I would welcome any feedback.
- Please be kind.


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    Sure ! I'll try this first thing in morning tomorrow.!
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    *I will torture it later*
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    @kindawonderful @IntrusionCM
    1399. Thanks, lovelies. I've already found some *makes face* issues I need to figure out how to address.

    If you use VSCode, I turned it into an extension too. You know, because I'm clearly a masochist. (I didn't even think to, you know, link the two projects so it uses the same referenced code. Nope, I copied the files, like an idiot. So when I edit one, I need to remember to edit the other until that's fixed. *face palm*)

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    @AmyShackles *hug*

    Don't beat yourself dead. Small steps lead to a better evolution than a giant revolution. When I'm writing code I mostly write crap first, then connect the dots and after shaking out the bugs, I clean up and make it pretty.
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    @IntrusionCM Thanks! I sometimes forget it's okay for things to be works in progress. :)
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    I don't do kind, I just do blunt and to the point. With that in mind...


    I like it. Really cool idea. Doesn't matter that it's not complete, that can come with time. That could potentially help a lot in not just debugging regexes, but also helping people to learn / get their head around the syntax when they're first starting out.

    It's got my vote.
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    @AlmondSauce Thanks! :D I guess I'm just kind of nervous because it's the first time I had an idea for a thing and then had to actually figure out how to do it.

    And the whole never even making it to a phone screen when applying to jobs (except with Amazon, that got me all the way to a final-round interview) thing is really starting to do a number, if I'm honest.
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    Turn it into a website like crontab guru
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    @estinf I am unfamiliar with this thing.
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