Does anyone use different notification sound for different workspaces on Slack or is it just me 🤔

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    Usually I turn notification sounds off when I'm slacking off.
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    @Ranchu yeah I like the sound of silence too, but that isn't what I meant here
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    My lappy is on mute all the time, so idc about notif sounds.

    I enjoy the bare ANC quietness
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    @netikras Daamn,seems everyone likes to keep things quite but okay..
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    @sweetnothings something alone the lines of sound waves I'm guessing lol
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    Speakers are muted most of the time.
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    @sweetnothings it can be "Okay, nice" or "Ohh shit I forgot about that" just by hearing it and not looking at it
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    @Nessario there are desktop notifs for that :)
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    @netikras that's for what I was talking so far :D
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    I use the Plink sound. And I have only one workspace
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    @asgs I have that one too, I use it for an open source project workspace and I know what's cooking by default
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    @Nessario Yep, I know.
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    I use the boing sound for slack :P
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    I have all devices (smartphone etc) on silent (No vibration, no peep nothing).

    Funny thing everyone creeps out about: I seldom miss a call and usually have a reaction time of < 5 mins.

    I don't know why...
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