F U browser vendors!

Why is it, that we have specifications for HTML, JS, CSS, etc and we have browsers for more, than 10 years now AND THEY STILL CANNOT MAKE SOMETHING CONSISTENT THROUGHOUT EVERY PLATFORM!

An event is not being triggered somewhere? No problemo. An extra event there? Nay, still okay. Inconsistent state for the same operation on different platforms? Cool, simply cool!

But instead of fixing these shitty things, they introduce bullshit on top of this, like a media element requiring a user interaction to be able to play content.

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    @aki237 Yep, it's a video player, like jwplayer or video.js
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    Sadly this is not even the worst part about modern web development. You can get around vendor-specific stuff using Autoprefixer (seriously, check it out!)

    The worst part is the current frontend dev ecosystem: installing an empty Angular 2 application generates a hundred megabytes of dependencies. Seriously. We have given up on elegance. Only one error in one of those hundreds (if not thousands) of dependencies and good luck, your build is now broken.
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    @wsloth don't get me started on Angular 2
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    @Lalike1987 do you dislike the framework itself or the way you compile/manage dependencies?

    I think angular 2 is a pretty neat tool which makes frontend development a lot safer.
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