Seriously Windows 10, get your shit together. No less than 10 blue screens within an hour.

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    Driver problems?
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    Yeah, that's not at all normal nowadays. My bet would be on a hardware problem. Could be as simple as a bad power supply. Most people don't think of it, but a bad PS will DEFINITELY make Windows blue screen and it'll be erratic.
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    That's not Windows fault but sure man windows bad ree.
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    Hw/driver/sw problem?
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    What have you done to that poor computer?
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    I hate Windows because of:

    - High RAM usage
    - High idle CPU usage, and thus high idle power usage
    - yeah it's not light on your resources at all, ever

    I don't hate Windows because of:
    - Bluescreens. I once had several kernel panics in a row on Linux due to faulty modules, do I hate Linux now? Nope.

    Go investigate the crashdumps. Either it's a driver, or your hardware is going f u n k y m o d e .
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    Last time I got blue screen was with my old laptop, before I got my current one a few years ago. Blue screen appeared as soon as I physically moved the computer.
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    Well, Windows alone cannot lead to this, but I see how it accomplishes mission of leading you to buy another PC with Windows. It's easy, really: just look at bugs that remain almost 2 decades :) Heck no, Shintoys, you've been replaced with Arch Linux.
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    @vintprox only 2 years? take a look at dirty cow (and it's not the only one)
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    @dontbeevil I said "2 decades". Decade = 10 years, bruh xD This is crazy train, I wonder why still less people jump into linux... Maybe because of complications with NVidia drivers on setup or something
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    Know how to solve this problem? Go to MacBook !!!
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    Run command:

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    @dontbeevil Well, at least with those bugs you don't have to fuzz into infinity or reverse engineer shot since the source code can be independently audited.
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    Try being willfully abused by a Mac. I never thought I'd defend Windows 10, but it can take a hell of a lot more than my fucking MacBook Pro.

    A month or so ago the keyboard to my labtop was menacing me (nothing to do with the 1mg of Xanax that was interfering with my vision).

    I calmly separated the keyboard from the screen, tossed them on the floor, said something rude, called my techie friend.

    He put it back together. It looks like Frankenstein's monster, but the only permanent damage is the cam (no great loss), the disc drive (I own another labtop), and the antenna, wh. kind of shrunk.

    That's sturdy!
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    @Kasper44 sure sure sure /s
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    @vintprox lol i don't know how i read 2 years
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    @bols59 You should get that Xanax reimbursed, dude.
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    @pipe lol I bought it from my techie mate, the fellow who repaired the labtop!
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    @bols59 Ask him if his cocaine didn't make him a bit sleepy, there might some mix up there.
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