A weird thing happened when I tried to install linux mint on my PC.
Although I installed it on a hard drive (I have another hard drive for windows), my bios tells me that Linux would be on the same hard drive as Windows?? I can assure that it's not the case, as I plugged out the linux drive and grub couldn't boot Linux anymore, just windows. Plug back in, linux bootable. Ok fine?
When I installed linux I panicked for a moment, as I thought I had it correctly installed separately, instead it would have become a dual boot, according to the bios?

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    Bad news : your bootloader is not on your linux disk
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    Linux - the same as Windows - cannot be started by your BIOS.
    This is normal. A boot loader is used for that process. Windows has its own (I forgot the name), and Linux usually uses Grub. Grub also has the capability to boot non Linux operating systems. From the perspective of your BIOS, only boot loaders exist. For some reason, you installed Grub on your Windows hard drive, and that is what your BIOS reports.
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    @sbiewald sure, the OS isn't loaded from bios directly.
    But ah shit ... grub on the windows disk... I selected the linux disk as the home for grub when I installed linux. I had to create the root system on the linux disk. Maybe the option for grub was reset after that, so it was put on the windows one.
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    @cb219 It's because your EFI partition was on the first disk. Don't worry, even if it's a little bit tricky, it's possible to reinstall the boot manager manually
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    Use rEFInd!!!!
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    Is always best to pull out the other drives when installing the os.
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