Have you ever experience burnt out?

- I experience it. Right at the start of my career

I like to know how did you get through.

Let's Talk.

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    Yeah. I was supposed to be a MD. Too much study so I quit hoping the technology gold rush will pay out more&faster.
    It did pay out but not to my initial expectation, I saved no lives, on the contrary I fucked up many.
    So...make damn sure you know what you want and don’t ever forget what you’re breaking your ass for. In the end it will be worth it.
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    @molaram Thanks for sharing!

    I've been working as a software engineer for 4 years right after graduation. I still do not know what i want.

    But had experience countless of burntout and disappointment.
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    While working I stood up and directly felt back and was dizzy. Hospital measured 220 mmHg blood pressure systolic, which is deadly if you don't know. Happened after working 80+h/week for multiple years and my current boss at the time was an asshole.

    Hospital rejected any work related thing for me for 3 weeks. Heart everything is fine.After 3 weeks just reading fantasy books and not touching any work related thing. I was set free again. I switched jobs after that and even later was self employeed. Never had it again. You normally don't feel burnout till it happens.

    Btw. I don't regret the experience it was life changing for me and I used it to get out of the rat race. Money isn't worth it and it's easy in tech in my country (germany) for me to earn a shit ton of money as freelancer. My 10years+ networking pays off there. Now I work for Microsoft earn less than freelancer but having a blast of fun here.

    Just too make sure burndown happened before self employment. Love self employment!
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    Thanks for sharing!

    I experience burnt out for the first time. Is literally hell.

    I wanted to get out as well. But i didn't just for the money. I also regretted i didn't.

    Each negative experience. Changes me as a person.
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    i kinda feel like i've been experiencing perpetual burnout for the past 22 years, since i started working.
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