Happy Aid for dev rant community wether you're muslim or not :)

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    Everyone deserves AIDS. Thanks.
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    Which aid? (aid? eid? Aeid? I've seen too many versions of this same word)
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    @rutee07 I laughed more than I should have lol
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    @NoMad it's from the arabic word عيد
    Which is equivalent to holiday in English. Arabic is my native language so I didn't think much about how the pronunciation is worded in English but if I had to choose then I will say it's Aeid. Today is very special for muslim communities, I like to share the love with devrant people. Sorry for the confusion and have a nice day :)
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    @nedjima am familiar with muslim culture, but iirc you guys have quite a few aeids. So I'm asking which one this is about?
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    I need medical aid.
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    @NoMad it's Aied Al-fitr, the one we do after Ramadan month ends
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    @nedjima Happy being able to eat and drink in public during the day again! 😜
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