how do i deal with impostor syndrome?

i read thedailywtf.com... daily.

also, since i'm trying to be a gamedev i watch youtube channels that foxus on reviewing/trying shitty games.

helps with the impostor syndrome quite a lot, but has a side effect of causing depression from "how the hell are all these incompetent morons successful, and i' m not?"

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    So you've read my work 😉
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    I oretend to be an actor whos practicing a new role.

    so you're faking while faking it till you make it.

    the lizard part of my brain doesnt project its feara past the firat layer of abstraction.

    try it. you're no longer a programmer. you are an actor. your new role is as a "programmer". to prepare fpr the role, while you may not tell anyone, your interviewa/new job is merely to learn to play the role better.

    also, it's improv.

    the only direction from the director is: "*sound* smart. so draw on wht you know about the role."
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    @SortOfTested without being aware that you exist or that it's yours, yes.

    btw i hope that by "work" you mean articles, and not the code snippets in them =D
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