We've all been there.

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    @tomabolt buy him some sex? :-)
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    @JohanO that's why you will get nothin 😂
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    I'd prefer food... like a Subway!

    or generally a homely meal :)
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    @tomabolt and if the tech friend is a girl?
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    @hoody Well you are right, I didn't think about this test case. The picture with the geeky guy and the "buy him" influenced me!
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    You know some people cherish your work not you and they are happy it's done. The second part of reward is not happening cause you are their friend right ?!
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    I have my friends get me coffee, pizza, food in general.
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    My sister did actually buy me a beer for fixing her laptop a couple of weeks ago. Probably the 1st person to actually do it. More often than not it's a "I'll get you a few beers next time I see you" considering they only spoke to me to fix the problem it's safe to say I won't be getting any. I don't mind, I set a script to open there cd drive once a day.
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    Omg I wish I had a friend that could fix my laptop. Like seriously it's the only one I have and I don't have money for another one lol
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    The amount my mates "owe" me is ridiculous ... Where's my fucking beach house
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    Saved that image to send it to those friends once the work is done. 👍🏻
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    @wedi I like it. They might get the hint
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    I'm not that sure but I'll give it a try anyways. ;)
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    Amen, High five and kudos.
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    Oh this man got Altair at his back !
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    @hoody girls can reformat computers?
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