Recently in Instagram followed a tag #coding and #programming.

I get shitty post unrelated to #coding and #programming are you getting that stuff as well?

And why am I getting provocative pictures of lady coders?

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    I've noticed that programming "influencers" are often women.
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    Attention whores, the internet is full of them especially Instagram, sometimes here too.
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    They are everywhere!!!

    I just hope it won't lead to only fans.
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    Some people are just using services to automtically tag images they post on Instagram. Often the "AI" behind is seeing text with beautiful colors and says "oh it must be coding stuff"
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    @rutee07 I'm not attention whoring, im attention pimping!
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    You use Instagram, so it is your own fault.
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    the only thing instagram inspired me to was to delete my account.
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    @BlackOrange It's already there, mate. I'd wager at least 60% of all profiles on OnlyFans have an Instagram link for the "softcore" part. Same goes with Twitter since the "fall" of Tumblr.
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    This is why you don't turn to Instagram for actual content.
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    Instagram is fun
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    @odite I remember one of these making a video on how important was that girls picked up tech and that she started learning code to become a role model... and half the video was her trying to use windows paths on a linux terminal...
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    @bytewind I don't like that some women get the rhetoric of being a role model pushed on them so much. It's probably what drives them to shout about what they're doing before they've done it in order to further the cause of getting more women in tech.

    Must be kinda stressful underneath it all.
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    @odite she won the genetic lottery and used that to earn a very good living guilt tripping women for not being as pretty as her and selling cosmetics...
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    @odite I still don't get why.
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    While I don't use Instagram myself for obvious reasons, this kinda confirms my image of Instagram...
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