Soooooo got fired on my day off!! 😁😁😁 Y am I sooo happy??? Bc the company's president sucks, and glad to be gone!!

So, I come in on my day off trying to help him with a promo for an app I was working on, and ass face come in with a chip already on his shoulders.

Him: So what are u going to show me?

Me: A walk through of the app.

Him: No, what specifically are u going to show me?(already getting upset)

Me: The whole app. Like from the login screen and everything else.

Him: No! I need to knw specifically what your going to show me! Like this button, that menu, this function!!!(boiling point)

Me: That's what I said, "the whole app"

Him: Do u want to be suspended a whole week??!!!

Me: (smiling) Yes!!

Him: You knw what, ur gonna tell me what the fuck ur gonna show me or--

Me: Gets up, grab my phone and head towards the door.

Him: If u leave, ur done!!

Me: Dnt care. (Continue out the door)

Him: (yelling) That's it, ur done!

Me: Happy 😁😁😁

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    What the heck :D

    Erm nice job I guess..
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    Good luck trying to get a hold of me on my day off. Why did you go in? Was there something you wanted to show him?
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    Him: No, what specifically are you going to show me? (already getting upset)

    Me: 🎶 I can show you the world 🎶

    Him: You know what, you're gonna stop singing and tell me what the fuck you're going to show me or --

    Me: 🎵 without meee 🎵
    @Root exit stage left
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    @Root Thanks, I feel "less" alone knowing I'm not the only one singing shit all day :D
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    @Benutzername No, he asked me to come in so he could shoot promo vids of the app in action. He said it would take 20-39 mins. He didn't want to do it during the week.
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    @rutee07 @rutee07 He wanted me to come in for 20-30 mins to do promo vids of the app. He didn't want to do it during the week.
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    @M1sf3t I can imagine! It would be like being at that LiveAid!
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    @Pyjong If I had done more than that, surely he would have called the police. He did it to the IT guy for doing similar....but 10x worst.
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    Damn. This was actually scary to read. I wonder what would I do if I face such manager.
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    Damn! What's next for you now?
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    @asgs Getting hired while on vacation.
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    Good for you, man! I respect the hell out of people who have the courage to say, "fuck this," when it's necessary. 👊😎
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    i hope he gets someone else in to shoot the promo video, and that other person caves in to his retarded question, and as a result, they shoot and release a promo video... of a single button.
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