Zoom is no meeting software.
At best, a webcast something.

*insert deity here* do I hate the overlay, sound options and speaker focus.
I want to choose wether the sound on coffee breaks keeps playing at 260%. FFS!

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    Yeah, it's dreadfully annoying. I prefer almost all of the other common ones.
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    Zoom, Webex, any messenger... all equally fucked up.

    Any of those have their own audio settings. No, I don't want to set that a hundred times, just use the fucking system settings, you morons.

    No chance to get easy access to the current meeting information including all necessary information in case you need to redial with another device, because the already shitty connection drops to complete random noise.

    Spontaneous disconnects, especially Zoom.

    But what we obviously really need are virtual backgrounds. Who cares about connection issues and bad audio/video quality if we can pretend to call from Mars or Venus.
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    Love it!

    But the very public had gone idiot postapocaliptic buyer to zoom. So I gmhad to attend a webinar with this dipshit this morning.
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    I hate them for acquiring Keybase.
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