Anyone knows of any worthwhile android mobile games to kill the time going to and fro work, when not in the mood to read?

I'm tired of all the "Causal Clicker" or "Freemium" crap that is on the playstore these days...

Some of the best titles that I ever played were:
* Plague.inc - Strategy, infect and wipe out all of humanity kind of game
* Battle of Polytopia - Strategy, 4X game with very well done controls and cute graphics
* Pocket City - Cities: Skylines-esque city builder
* Stardew Valley - Farming-centered RPG

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    Check out WorldBox.
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    Ankora for decent rpg
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    Dual, if you got 1$ and a friend, it can get really fun
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    Bloons TD Battles if you wanna scream at your opponent thinking ahead of you
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    📌 because roadtrip
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    What’s wrong with reading a book??
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    @Ranchu interesting game, I remember stumbling upon it a long while back when the UI was completely different and stuff.

    Issue is, its kind of... Hard to stick to. Other than toying with the world, I didn't see any purpose or goal, and that makes it for my already short attention span completely disappear.

    Its the sort of thing I'd leave running in the background to check up on every once in a while.
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    Ankora: Interesting, played a bit, will see when I get back to it tomorrow.
    What keeps it from becoming an instant like for me are the somewhat odd English (And when that comes from a non-native speaker... You know its bad), and a tad clunky camera controls. But I'll see, maybe the story will be good.

    Dual - Well, as I said, I mostly play when going to and fro work, so, noone else there to play with. Game looks fine though.

    Bloons: Not a fan of tower defense.
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    @molaram I never said there was anything wrong with reading!

    But it does need a certain level of mental capibility to focus (especially as most of the books I read are work-related). And after an exhausting day at work, or while still waking up, not everyday can I bring myself to pick one up. Other than that, I love reading!
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    Pixel dungeon. Great roguelike, open source too
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    @RobbieGM Oh, yes, I completely forgot about Pixel Dungeon, that game is pretty great to kill time.

    Definitely recommend it too!
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    Shattered Pixel Dungeon is a great mod to that too! @RobbieGM @Aldar
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    That's amazing! That version is so much better!

    Advantage of open source software I guess :3
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