my company is "pivoting" way too goddamn fast; they are pulling devs from other projects and throwing them into something that is a fragile system (was supposed to be replaced already) and is using a completely different stack than most of them usually work with. they keep promising 3rd parties that we will knock out their requirements within a week or two, and as such they are pushing haphazardly merged feature branches into production with absolutely no regression testing.

then when shit explodes and operations grinds to a halt, they tell the half of the team that actually knows how the system works to drop everything and fix it, and leave the diverted devs to continue to develop shit based on requirements drawn on a cocktail napkin, and then they fucking push both the hotfixes and the newest features at the same time.

I probably have the most tribal knowledge at this company, and they are paying me ok, so it's enough for me to just pour some rye and suck it up for the time being and milk the gig. but this can't be sustainable, right? i'm passively looking around for other work, as I've already had enough being here for over 3 years, but i'm finding most places to be slow on the application/hiring process lately due to covid.

Edit: i think i used the wrong tag here, but what the fuck ever. i haven't figured out how to tag shit properly on any platform

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    I'll be honest, after being stuck in the corporate world for way too long, I still don't really know what anyone's on about when they talk about "pivoting".
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    For others with the same question: Pivoting is a term that VC's were using for a number of years that referred to a company's change in product direction while attempting to find market fit.

    Ex: You start out trying to build a cool app for managing work, but then you realized that the integration component you built to enable that work has a much more viable market than the product you were targeting, so you pivot from being a work management play to being a data integration play.

    Or, as is this case, a term used sarcastically to refer to management that has no idea what it's doing moving mountains to put out every small trashfire.
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    @AlmondSauce pivoting means changing their businesses model. Which brings changes to the requirements. And most startups founders have no idea what the consequences a "pivot" brings as they're head deep in investors ass and trying pleasing shareholders.
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