I know I'm gonna get flak for mentioning Facebook. But to mark the launch tomorrow and our progression to a mission to Mars, I made an automated NodeJS script.

The script gets the most recent collection of photos taken by the Curiosity rover via NASA's API and chooses one at random. The image is then posted to a Facebook page for a nice little update on what the lil Mars homie is up to.

Since it's image based, I'll work on adding it to Instagram too.

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    And watch fakebook flag it as fake news...

    That sounds really cool actually!
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    We already have @SarcasticRover on twitter providing us with the most important updates tho
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    @endor Was a small project for fun and to try and work with new APIs. Actually the reason I was looking for such a project was to give me something to work towards while I learn vim.
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    @odite oh I was just spreading some love for SarcasticRover, since the neverending Curiosity-themed quips are hella funny and hilariously sarcastic.

    Have fun with your project! 😊
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