I have never heard anyone say Gee-Nome. Does anyone actually do this or is the Cisco Network Academy bullshitting me again?

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    "Gee-nome" as in "gee whiz?
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    Yeah I've heard that before. Doesn't really matter does it?
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    I thought the official promulgation pronunciation was "guh-nome", which follows how GNU wants to be pronounced. Crazy people
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    Miguel de icaza says "nome," with a slight Spanish accent.
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    My CS3 teacher said it best:

    "There's the right answer,
    There's the wrong answer,
    And then there's the CISCO answer."
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    It's just a way to recognise who knows Gnome through personnal experience and who knows Gnome through Cisco.
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    @hash-table Since english is not my first language, I had no idea that the word "gnome" was pronounced "nome" (actually I knew it, but forgot a long time ago). Now I want to create a project named "nome" just to confuse people who are talking about one or the other.
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