So fellow dev asked me design suggestion knowing that I did design way before, I provided him with ok-ish solution and he said to me: 'this is way better response than designer gave me!'. So curious as I am I asked him what did he said? He said : 'Yeah, sure!' on everything he asked if it is ok to add to screen!

That feeling when devs are better designers than designers you have at disposal!

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    Or just giving more fucks in general! XD
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    Not giving a fuck is a general issue that devs are less prone to, since we already put lots of effort into the business logic.
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    @devJs sadly designers don't have any fucks to give.

    Hell just asking for a specific width/height for an image is too much for them and I end up with 4K images 🤷‍♂️

    Good designers will argue and correct you, everyone else will just smile and nod, 🤔 same could be said about devs too.
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