Why Dart was designed with idiocy:

1) naming conventions are idiotic

Most other languages are smart enough to not throw errors when the variable name matches its type. And lots of others, for any lexemme - only 1 naming kind is allowed.

Fine. Oh wait, there's that thing called existing databases and GraphQL & other APIs, should they all adapt to this? No, because 2) is the bonus

2) String keys in objects. Unless it's a class with boilerplate, you write them as strings and access them as strings.

So here's the solution when you want to integrate Dart with existing services: write a lot of JSONSerializable decorators to fit with dart's pissy naming requirements.

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    pissy naming requirements xD
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    Started a couple months ago to develop some mobile apps in Dart and Flutter and you are fucking right.
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    1) but they are consistent, isn't that all that matters?
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