>writing app
>everything works
>commits to gitlab
>writes some extra stuff
>everything breaks
>"resetting to previous commit should work"
>doesn't work
>everything's broken on the previous commit

I'm still trying to process how this is even physically possible.

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    I had something like this happen to me with a website project I'm working on.

    I just moved all the associated files into an "Old Projects" folder and started over. It was so fucked up and would take longer to fix than it would to start over.
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    Data/schema changes?
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    This shit happens to me all the time. Nearly always it's because some bellend has fucked with the data source.
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    had something better few days ago:
    1. built an android app downloaded from github, with no changes.
    everything works... well, at least to the degree to which that pile of shit was supposed to.

    2. added 3 lines of code to a file (no includes, nothing like that, just some mundane logic)

    3. build again.

    4. app now crashes on start, reporting "unitygar could not be found" - that being, a native android plugin file for google arcore, which is clearly included in the project, i can see it there, it has been there from the start, it hasn't been moved anywhere, it wasn't touched nor renamed, nor anything in actual project structure has been changed, suddenly... well, can't be found, nobody knows why.
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    Cache. When in doubt, always blame the cache.
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    In case of doubt try these:
    * clean project
    * Rebuild project
    * Restart android studio
    * blame google
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    So I just found out that the app works completely fine when it's not being debugged.

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    @t4ils So. Fucking. Relatable.
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    May not be physically possible. May be temporally possible 😄
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