Final year kids at a technological university: "Well, we just get a job and then cool down for a bit."
University ten days later: *publishes a notification*
Summing up the notice: "No no no, you better write a research paper, even though you are a tech student and you should be making a cool ass project for your Major.
We don't want you to do a semester-long internship to get some relevant experience because we have a lot of Ph.D. students who aren't worth shit but we gotta give them doctorates. SO, YOU BETTER WRITE A PAPER, MAKE HIM/HER THE FIRST AUTHOR EVEN THOUGH HE/SHE IS INCOMPETENT AND HASN'T CONTRIBUTED EVEN A LINE WORTH TO THE PAPER. AND IF YOU DON'T WRITE A FUCKING PAPER, WE'LL FUCK UP YOUR FUCKING GRADES."

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    Yo, i did both: write a research paper as final thesis (required by uni) and semester-long internship (required to secure my place in the industry).

    My prof told me to just write my final thesis and no need to do an internship, but meh... I won't survive outside without a real work experience.

    Took longer for me to graduate, but it is still worth it.
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    @cho-uc its all a trip. out of the blue, you better write a paper. this is maddening.
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