I've started programming when I was 12. Right now I'm 25. I can clearly say that I'm passionate, I've touched I think almost every "type" of programming ever. From game development, through IoT and finished at eCommerce. I never stop learning.

My workmates are pissing me off. For code review sometimes I'm waiting even 3 days when I've changed like 5-6 files. They don't want to introduce "new" technologies (by new I mean who are existing at least 2-3 years, got stable community). They don't want to refactor some core of the application because it's working - they don't care about it as they can later say "legacy system so this basic feature took me a week".

Code quality means for them "use shorthand syntax, this code is ugly" - the basic shit which can do any linter

When I'm doing code review, I'm checking out to this branch, test it, check if the solution is scalable. Then I make my comments. I just hear "stop bitching about it just approve".

Thank God I've made through interview and I'm going to switch job in next week.

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    Are you sure 2-3 years is enough for the technology to mature? The duration feel too short for me.
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    I was thinking more like about the libraries/frameworks which are existing for 2-3 years i.e. NestJS or became popular within those 2-3 years.

    We don't even have any logging system - just daily .log file rotation (I was proposing Grafana/ELK) which you can pull by .sh script which I've made
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    look with that background and expectations you'll probably never be happy in employment. You may should start learning about, project management, business, and marketing. With the goal of opening your own shop by 28?
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    Unfortunately this is what I have been facing in quite a few places. Although I was leading a team before and that was great - hired passionate people that I still talk to now and brought in technologies that made sense and were agreed by the team.

    Congratulations on the interview and new job! Hope it gives you what you're looking for!
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    Look at it from this perspective.

    Over 50% of devs today have less than 4 years of experience.

    In my first 4 years I didn't even know how nasty a deep bug can be.. Ans Java sdk? The sdk doesn't have bugs😂.
    they find security in the fact that they know the code base and the technologies used. to keep themselves important they want to chance as less as possible.

    i don't give a fuck what they call themselves or what their title is. fact is most developers are juniors.
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    @just8littleBit over 50%? I think that's an overstatement
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    @PonySlaystation it sure used to be. maybe the numbers changed. even if it's up to 6 years experience now, you get the point.
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