To the dev who added GIF feature in whatsapp.
Fuck you.
Context: Today starts the festival of Deepawali or diwali in India.
And given the lazy ass we people are they are just forwarding lazy ass gifs wishing happy diwali.
Every fucking where.
Even those from whom I haven't heard since last festival.
Amen to that programmer. Thanks bro.

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    @azuredivay seriously. also those lame ass videos.
    Even those copy paste messages are pain in my phooljadi.
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    @azuredivay here. Should do that. Also there is special place in hell for those who send those gif using broadcast message.
    Phone vibrates * expects something interesting and opens *
    *sees gif and/or generic message*
    *fuck no. Not again. Slams phone down *
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    Telegram always had the same features and more as whatsapp but before. A lot before.
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    Btw, Happy Diwali
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    @azuredivay my life was forever changed when I learned about muting groups. I even mute relatives who keep sending me cheesy forwards. It's very easy to end up muted on my WhatsApp :-)
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