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Hello, my name is ***** and I already had a few Old Fashions🥃

I've been chasing a big career and success since i was about 12.. the first 8 years of my career I did the same.
for the last two years i decided to slow down, I'm still keeping up with stuff and do a good job but I took a break from wanting to being the next Wozniak.

Im much happier and more relaxes now but I'm at a point where i really wanna do, be and achieve more..

My #1 goal in life is to build a family, having a wife and a few kids. (first gotta be able to talk to women though:/)

i have a very strong desire to have an impact on the world and society to build a life in which at least my (non existing) family could be happy and without worries. but i've no fucking clue how to achieve that. how to have an impact. i don't see a way as a software engineer anymore..

i feel lonely and lost without any fucking perspectives..

i feel like i was better off when i was chasing the big money..

i know dev rant is not the place to do this but i can't talk to my family and i wanted to share my emotions. been alone for 3 months now and it's also about my dev career, that's how i justify to post this to our community here😅

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    whats plural of old fashioned?
    old Fashioneds? Old Fashions? 🤷‍♂️
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    i think just old fashioneds since it's a name.
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    I’m doing my PhD now. (Came from industry as a developer) Hoping to contribute to the (tech-)world in this way.
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    Open source? Pull request your heart away.
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    Oh my god... just read this, and it’s literally what’s been going on in my life...

    At some point I realized that family and being able to enjoy the little things is also important, but I still can’t scratch the feeling of doing something really big and important.

    I do find that doing little side projects for fun and trying to take more leadership roles at work help me stay more sane.

    So I feel you!
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