You never realize quite how many devices you have in your house that connect to WiFi until you set up a new network and have to reconnect all of them 😂

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    Just let wireshark run on an WiFi interface... It will be terrifying.
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    Felt this
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    @IntrusionCM I couldn't. I'm not rich enough to get away with stealing people's data
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    I ran nmap the other day and saw like 15 IPs. I thought someone was stealing my WiFi until I verified they were all mine.
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    @Jilano oh.... you misunderstood.

    Wireshark for showing you who is talking to whom.

    And in most cases, especially in 'cramped' buildings with lot's of people and hence tech, you can generate gigabyte's of data per hour.

    Mostly just your devices, software calling home and literally tons of devices trying to find each other or software trying to be helpful by actively scanning for possable supported devices.

    Hence... Terrifying.

    Most of the time you don't have to hack. Just listen...

    Tons of SNMP devices with no security, Zero / Bonjour / MDNs devices and so on....

    If u sift through the data, which I don't recommend for ur mental health, you can find out enough about people...

    The vibrator calling home... The sexcam that's looking for possible recipients to send the stream to... The printer that is unprotected and can be easily accessed so u can print the last cached pages....

    If something is unprotected, it's not hacking...

    And no I don't do stuff like that... Just the experience of a lot of university friends who worked in administration setting up WiFI.... ;) :)
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    Try fing , it uses arp req /resp to figure out all devices on your network
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    @IntrusionCM to be fair, if someone has a vibrator maybe they're lonely and want company. Could be big brain moves to go flirt with em lol
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