Being a "tech guru" person of the family, do you ever get unsolicited pics of gadgets?

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    Hey can you reset my password since you are tech guru?
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    Answer : Yes
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    No, because I tend not to reply to meaningless messages
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    I just got a screenshot of a laptop on amazon, out of nowhere :/
    Maybe after an hour or so, they'll take the time to type "should i get this one?"
    But regardless of my opinion/advice they'll buy what the salesman says is "the latest in market." The good old "4gb-1TB" "wifi inbuilt" "10yr warranty + life insurance" 😤
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    @vexusia Inbuilt wifi with HIGH bandwidth for smooth youtube playback
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    Too late, my mind already went haywire after "unsolicited pics".
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    @rutee07 transparent plastic controllers?
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