Me: For Christmas I want a unicorn
Santa: Be realistic
Me: Okay I want to write safe code in C
Santa: About that unicorn...

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    I have no issues writing safe code in C, and I love writing pointer heavy shit. The trick is to make it safe from the beginning because adding in safety later is bound to fail.
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    Safe C isn't that difficult. 😕
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    @Root picking joke section is not hard also... but people fail.
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    Santa: wait...I think I have some latex gloves somewhere at the bottom of my bag. *Dips hand in bag and hands over gloves* Here you can type with it and make your code safe.
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    Try rust if you want safe c
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    @ebrithil how about if you want safe C, write safe C instead of trying a new language in its infancy.
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    signal(SIGSEV, &damn_not_this_shit_again);
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    @Fast-Nop you are assuming that the std libs that you are using for c are also safe, we all know that’s not the case always
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    @ebrithil ignoring things behind a abstraction doesn’t make it safe
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    @hardfault I have yet to encounter a bug that is actually in the C standard libs and not rather due to misusage of their functions. Note that e.g. OpenSSL isn't part of them.
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    @hardfault Yeah OK, you got a point, that's a lot of them.

    But still, the typical security issues that people attribute to C itself are caused by either misusing the functions, or outright program bugs.

    And that's because people hack shit together just so that it works, and then move on to watching Netflix. Or fucking their dog.
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