Must be the most celebrated comment I have come across yet

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    Even better
    /usr/bin/env sh
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    I've seen worse on one of the posts of the guy that put ads in his JS package, all he said was that he was looking for work but everyone gonna get defensive...
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    Hm. bin/sh and bin/bash are both fragile.

    env might not even exist - it stems from GNU coreutils.

    And this is why we can't have nice things.

    Define a proper build environment instead of just poking randomly ;)

    Just sayjng that this joke might blow right in ya face.
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    Env is posix-specified, so every largely POSIX compliant is should include it.
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    @metamourge Standards. Posix. Actively used and promoted.

    NOW THAT'S A GOOD JOKE. *cries*

    (you are correct of course... No offense :) )
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    @IntrusionCM correct, knowing what is/should be available can help reduce such frustration
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    @asgs yeah. my negative experience stems from container usage...

    Some admins are a bit overzealous and forget important packages like coreutils / lsb* and so on.

    Because "it must be minimalistic".

    Debian might provide dash... OpenWRT ash.... Oh the fun and joy times....
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