Just another day in the Jungle. Why must I be essential...

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    Mein gott.

    What the fuck is this.
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    @Ranchu 1/4th of my networking/server room. Don't ask. Cables were a bowl of spaghetti before I took over lol.
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    @AnonyOps my God.
    Hope you'll survive.
    Here, take this machete.
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    Plz no sharp objects, ive already tripped over the freaking cables and downed half the facility about a month ago. 😳
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    Don't worry, ill be posting cable porn in the next few weeks if my phone would stop ringing and end (L)users would learn to use a power button.
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    Tf is that, shitcoin “mining” “farm”?
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    @Ranchu that's somewhat decent cable management. I've seen a lot worse. But yeah macheteing a server room is definitely on the bucket list 😄
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    I have seen label on the cable which is not that bad.

    I hope you have cable documentation in place. You can color code the cable. Red for critical , Yellow for important and Green for "It's OK, I can trip over the cable" Then have a chart.

    R1 (Red One) = go to banking service , ---etc.
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    @mr-user the previous network administrator has very minimal documentation. Im trying to make time to document everything now. For the most part, things are "okay" when trying to locate, but im going to make my life easier as well as whoever comes after me if I decide to leave or die later on lol.
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    God dayym God dayym !!!
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    Being "essential" is still better than being fired 🤷‍♀
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    @bittersweet all though true, I haven't had a day off for a while. Instead of "let's take a break for a bit while things are slow" it's been "Anony, you will need to be here during these times. I (my direct sup) and the tech will be on call and at home to save the department hours, don't hesitate calling" but they didn't tell me they'd have their phone off the majority of the time.
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    “ hey James, there’s an unplugged ethernet cable in the server room. Go fix it”
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    "Welcome to the jungle we've got cables and mess" ♪
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    @AnonyOps Was just going to say. Not entirely unworkable have seen much worse. Colour and coding in place might not be as pretty as right bundled cable porn but you can easily find both ends and get them out of the spaghetti.
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    Do I see some literal cat5 patch cables?! (not cat5e or cat6, just cat5)
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    @klutch Nope, Cat5e and cat6.
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