The ultimate goal of every developer:

You are so good that the bug of your app is seen as a feature by users 😎

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    Truth. Though I'd settle for a small island and a manslave.
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    @SortOfTested is his name Claude? Lol
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    Instead we see plenty of bugs that devs claim are features.
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    Nope, I've had that a few times but that also causes the developer to make it actually work correctly (the feature is untested).
    First you have to fix the bug and then implement the feature in a way behaviour doesn't change.
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    Words to live by. I think I'm gonna frame this one
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    Guess I made it then xD
    Had to implement thing X and along the implementation I also fixed the bug A where some data wasn't cleared out properly from GUI (didn't have time before for this).. cutomer inquired where the feature b (actually bug A) on UAT went..
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