I really believe we are heading towards a software armageddon. The amount of shit code in live apps and applications will fuck all of us royaly. Order your preferred horse size dildo today and start training your ass.

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    Nah, it's been that way since day 1. Crap code often "just works", through bodges or otherwise, hence why it's often just left alone.

    The problem comes when it's time to change / update it - and usually companies then decide to cut their losses and rewrite it from scratch. Using cheap labour. As fast as they can. And then they wonder why it's crap code, but "just works", so they leave it alone for a bit.

    Rinse, repeat...
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    So how u can use it to get fucking rich XD??

    Maintaining that shit will dissolve your soul.
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    Your suggestion in regards to remediation seems rather specific, suggests experience. @rutee07, did you forget to close the door on the gimp cage again?
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