Chrome users be like
“But i set it in private mode, how do they know i like footjobs“

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    Just the cost of doing business.
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    As much as I hate Google, they've (afaik) always been clear as to what private mode entails. It deletes all information saved to the browser after your session ended. But websites can save whatever they want on their side of things. Even Google.
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    Google code is like

    #define TRUE FLASE


    I don’t think is ok to call that private mode then ! It’s a fraud
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    Anyone up for napalm bombing the Google HQ?
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    Anal footjobs
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    @AlgoRythm I hope these are words meant to be separated by “ ,”
    If not, that girl have be really flexible
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    @hardfault I meant what I said
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    @hardfault the browser doesn't save information of you in private mode. The browser can't tell servers they shouldn't do that. You are blaming Google for stuff that other people do.

    Again, I hate Google as much as you do but they've always told exactly what private mode means. It's fucking filthy to instead then track people serverside, that is true. But again, they've always made this clear.
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    Well, what does the fox say?
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    @akshar color of tomato is red
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    @hardfault now that is a FIRE reply to my comment 👀
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    If you read the article the lawsuit is actually about the information gathered on the website, not within the browser. Incognito mode doesn't claim to stop websites from tracking you. In fact it specifically states that website may track you when you open a new incognito window. There isn't even an official API to check if the tab is in incognito. Sure, it might be bad of Google to track you, and perhaps their services should honor the DNT header, but if I read this correctly this lawsuit is just as idiotic as the proposals of certain EU politicians.
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    @ScriptCoded Exactly this. The incognito window even warns users for this...

    I agree with Google on this one!
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    @molaram then please also attack Firefox, Safari, Opera and every other browser out there since all work this way in private mode. Firefox even disables all extensions such as tracking blockers and ad blockers. So private mode is less private than normal mode.
    Again, I fucking hate Google and I hope they get fined into oblivion. But this was one of the few cases where they actually did tell the truth to the users.
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    Now I know why I get ads for online dating. Even tho I have never searched for it. Google thinks I watch human smashing on incognito because I need to online date.
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    @Lucky-Loek No clue where you got that from, all addons are working fine in incognito mode for me (Firefox)!
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    @linuxxx oh okay. It disables them by default on every install of FF I've run. Probably switched a setting I didn't know about then
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    Google will win this case because they said that they won't store browser history or cookies, but they didn't said that they won't track you. Google analytics and Adsense still tracks you regardless of your privacy mode
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    @Ranchu lolololol. i bet google employees would do it themselves!
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