Our management pushes very hard to move most company communications to Facebook Workplace and I'm proud to say that after almost 2 years and with less than a month left here I still haven't made an account. I didn't fucking detox myself from social media to deal with this bullshit at work so that these greedy morons can pretend we're a 'communituh'.

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    We have it. Our profile is automatically created and we use it to chat (among other apps, sigh). They post the same garbage as they do on Facebook. We have "quarantine cooking", some buy and sell, and the virtue signalling attention whores.

    I plan to create a community for BDSM and preach for "acceptance" and fAmiLy then I'll post ball gags, whips, and sex dungeons. Maybe that would shut them down.
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    @rutee07 never knew about sex dungeons. Nicccce.
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