What is your story of: A bug being seen as a feature?

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    A fly flew on to my co-worker's face and it just stayed there forever. It became his facial feature, we call it a mole.
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    In our app, in case of error, we showed different funny failed GIFs.

    Users enjoyed the GIFs and never reported errors.
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    At our office, whenever we get reported a non-critical bug, we always respond that it's a feature. We may or may not fix it, but bug is a feature in our books
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    @miksaraj are you at Keen? :-p
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    @ArcaneEye haha nope xD (don't even know what you're referring at and a quick search didn't give me a definitive answer)
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    @miksaraj Keen software house are the ones making Space Engineers :-p
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