Node.js homepage went full retard. Black people don’t need more Node?js. Actually, noone should need this.

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    NodeJS: hey we're so fucked there's no way this can get any more fucked up, even by any Joe-schmoe off the street.
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    This is really a low point in human history. We have gone from judging by color of skin, to momentarily not judging by skin, to full judging on skin and any other perceived victim-hood. Also, if you don't agree or are part of specific set of political parties you are now racist. Projecting much?
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    My favorite thing in life is whenever we stopped giving a fuck about merit and started caring more about the color of people's skin or if they got a dick between their legs or nah.

    Progression from digression isn't a thing and these ppl needa fucking realize that.
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    @Stuxnet Honestly thats why i usually fucking poke fun of these kinds of things, and even if it result in some kind of "progress" it will just result digress something else and result in nothing changed at all.
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    Why does tech groups love to drag in these sorts of politics into tech? Especially online where nobody who you are, reading this brings me back to the Coc(k) hell before. Glad that part seems to have cooled down a bit
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    Props to Hasan Minhaj for pointing out it's not just white privilege:
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    Well maybe Deno is worth a try after all!
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    @Demolishun it's like mccarthyism except everyone's somehow more retarded
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    I think it's bad copywriting in essence
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    Sadly, code isn't racist, it doesn't know black or white or any other colour in between, it just knows how to destroy your week or work the first time.

    Yet here we are in the realm of the 21st century where the earth became flat again, genders became a sliding bar of rainbows, and black suppression became an anti racist movement, in which it became racist.

    Fuck this world, I'm moving to mars.
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