More adventures in fixing specs.

This particular failing spec is in an included spec helper; I cannot run the spec itself because rubymine is stupid and doesn't know how. Not kidding. I also don't know the codepath it's actually testing because it's fucking convoluted, so I need (rather: want) a debugger to progress. I put breakpoints everywhere I thought it could be, and... nothing.

The stacktrace shows the calling spec in the helper module, a generic `process` method that just calls `super` (from where? who knows!), and a `wrap_every_action` in the ApplicationController. in other words: absolutely nothing helpful. I stepped through the code for most of an hour and didn't get anywhere; just saw lots of rails internals.


I'm going to keep bashing my head against this, but what the fuck, why can't you give me something goddamn useful!?

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    Okay at the risk of sounding real silly, what kind of applications do you build with Ruby? And if you could use another language to build same kind of applications, what would you use?
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    @witchDev You silly, silly goose
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    @witchDev It is AFAIK general-purpose, but Ruby on Rails is an excellent web framework for anything that needs to be robust in the back-end
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    @witchDev Web applications.

    I love Ruby, and Rails is pretty nice, too. The issue isn't the language, it's the terribly written specs I'm debugging. (And RubyMine for being stupid.)
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    @Root rspec is owed some thanks for this shit too but they will just point a (middle) finger at DH
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