Isn't that a great way to comment on visual components?

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    This looks beautiful. But a dev should have a lot of time to do this.
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    This JSX stuff just looks so wrong ... 😅
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    I really don't like jsx
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    While that comment looks visually pleasing. I find DocBlocks to be easier and equally pleasing to work with 🤔

    I would certainly try this method for document headers if ever. Haha
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    Maintain that shit. Make it NOT lie for 6 months in a row. Then, come back to me and tell me once again this is great. #goodcodecommentsitself
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    @jicmou I spent less than minute to create that comment
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    Waow such creativity!
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    @uyouthe I'm with you when it comes to a grid, anything more complex will be a hassle.
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    @uyouthe what's storybook anyway, amirite?
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