while discussing interview topics with my team:

me: "describe how would you capture Ba Sing Se

lead developer: "What tf is that?"

me: "you're......fired.............."

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    With a drill... obviously.
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    @C0D4 Or... You just wait for Sozin's comet to enhance your fire bending and wreck havoc.

    PS: By the way, I am literally re-watching the last episodes of that show right now.
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    Me: "It's a truly amazng show that I'd really recommend watching, it has a great story, characters and it really incorporates different cultures. You should check it out!"
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    Man I'd fucking love to work at a place where they ask an Avatar question in the interview
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    My answer would have been exactly the one of your lead dev. But I guess for embedded, it's more relevant to know the improvements of the 850 series over the 800. ^^
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    Why is Avatar a thing again?
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    Ba Sing who?
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    @frogstair It showed up on Netflix a few weeks ago, so long-time fans are taking the opportunity to re-watch it and a lot of newcomers are discovering it through friends or Netflix recommendations.
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    By throwing cabagges of course!
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    @RememberMe when I was being interviewed they asked me Star Wars questions!
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