New laptop!

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    Pinescented 🥳
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    Is it worth it?
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    @Stuxnet that's the $200 question!

    BTW this 30 days warranty looks super fishy..
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    This thing is missing windows 😜
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    I'm trying to work out what the grey and white thing on the floor is, but I'm trying to ignore the cable running across the floor and under the rug!
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    Ohhh fancy fancy. Whats that pine all about?
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    @Stuxnet Depends on what you assign value to. If your only measure of value is computing power, the Pinebook Pro is not for you. If you like trying something different which has surprisingly good quality for the money, and don't mind that the software landscape is, while much improved, still a work in progress, then go for it!

    I'm typing this from my PBP, by the way.
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    😍 I'm waiting in agony till the PineTab gets online for sale!
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    @torbal do you use the pinephone as a daily device?
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    Looking good! Waiting on the review, now
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    @nibor Stuffed husky ? The size of the shoes indicates there is at least one kid in this household.
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    @lanfiro It's not nice shaming @Linux for his little feet...
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    It is a wolf-hat, kid size :)
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    But it has no Windows. How can you do anything productive with it? Everyone knows you need Windows do do anything useful.
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    I have a small review on https://blogs.linux.pizza
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    @Linux Thanks, I'll take a look!
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    @torbal isn't the battery on it really shitty in terms of life?
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    Windows is making me unproductive
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    @Linux What's unproductive about waiting hours to install updates? Just to have your os or drivers broken.
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    Where is the trackball ?
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