I feel like a fraud ...
So I recently joined a mobile dev company as an intern
I submitted the application
Got to coding interview passed the coding interview because thank god it was one of the sums i solved on geeks4geeks
Then came then interview did as best i could
Got the acceptance mail in next 10 mins
First day was chill it's work from home thing
Second day they gave me an app a previous intern had already build its layout and authentication code
But it wasn't working so I reported it so they told me to debug it so I found where the problem was occurring
Now I know the problem but i have no idea how to fix it
They gave me assignment to fix the authentication basically it's taking info creating a json and request an API call
But I feel i cant remember the concepts
I can't remember basic meaning of words the other day i forgot what SSID are
I just I don't know shit
And i feel like I'm going to get kicked soon
I don't understand what the previous guy wrote and i don't know how to fix it
Previously i have built my own apps but not like a real world project like this which works in regards to network management basically an wifi portal kind of Authorization application

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    Make or break time
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    ... pro dev of 15 years here...
    ... what DOES ssid mean? of course, id is id, but... what actually is that SS specifier... and where did i see that?

    hmm... can't remember.

    from my experience, it usually takes about 3 months until a dev starts to have an idea about things in the new company. just keep at it, and don't show others how dumb you feel for not magically knowing everything. and ask questions. hey, i need to know what this thing is/means/how it works, can you explain or point me in the direction of good info source for it?

    oh and don't forget that you don't have to, and you cannot (don't have the ability to) know and understand everything. EVER. be selective, and be able to recognize what you do need to know and understand, and what you don't.
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    for example, i don't really care that i don't know what ssid means. i bet that if i saw one, i would either remember, or still wouldn't care, because most likely all i would need to know, and would be able to easily find out just by reading thr code is "oh, it's a type of id which looks like this, in this app i get it with this function call from here, and i need to provide it to these function calls to get the data i need from them"

    98% of the time there's no real reason (besides curiosity) to know anything more. don't get overwhelmed.

    that's always priority number one: don't get overwhelmed, because then your brain usually shuts down, and you're finished. but if you manage to not avoid getting overwhelmed, it will enable you to keep going, and learn stuff gradually, when it is actually needed for you to learn it.
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    you do programs which manipulate data which is meaningful and important for those who use the programs. but you're probably not one of the users of the program, nor will you ever be. it's not uncommon that for you that data won't be meaningful, and that's okay, generally speaking.
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    @Midnight-shcode thanks this helped but a few days ago my supervisor called and said the API is broken and the client are pulling the project so we might have visit this in a month or so
    Now i know why it wasn't working
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