As a developer, I WAS love with the concept of WFH. Thankfully, my office has no fixed hours (except for meetings!) and I can work at my pace peacefully. But lately, with WFH becoming mandatory, I can't seem to find time for myself!

Here's what my schedule looks like:
a. Start working at 10am
b. Standup at 11:30am
c. Lunch break at 2am
d. End work at 7pm.

A fairly simple routine but not sure why my team finds it completely normal to call me in off hours and moreover expect me to jump in a call too! I wish it was a 1-day affair. But no. It's a 24x7 day affair. Yes, let that sink in. 24x7.

How I wish there was no COVID and thus no lockdown. At least, people respected the work timings then !

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    I have a separate phone for WFH office purpose that I can just switch off. Done.

    Also, the "devrant" tag is for stuff related to this platform itself. There is no "developer rant" because there are ONLY developers supposed to be here. No finance, HR, marketing folks with their rants.

    But welcome to devRant! :-)
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    yeah... Try to imagine how much time you'll have after the COVID, when you have to commute every day again.
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    yeah, at here where Im working, (Chinese company) -- flexible working hour means "your boss can flexibly concact u at any time", f..king stupid, I think WFH would very likely have same side-effect too
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    As I'm also a freelancer I don't mind questions on my time off, Just that it's not mandatory for me to answer (I do it if I'm not busy) but requests for meeting or call is a big no as well as a lengthy conversation about non-urgent things.
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    @Fast-Nop Thanks a lot man! And yeah, agree completely :P
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