So I’ve asked my Unis infrastructure guys via mail, why we don’t use the digital id with our phone additional to our RFID Badge.

One of those (maybe a moron, I don’t judge yet, see question below) replies, that they would need to replace all readers “as current ones rely on RFID scanning chips” and they are not sure how US Unis implemented it.

Thing is, that when I hold my iPhone SE 2020 next to the reader, my phone shows my credit card to use for Apple Pay.
Doesn’t that mean, that they use compatible RFID frequencies ?
I’m not an iOS dev, so maybe someone can help me out. Any info appreciated!

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    NFC have different specification like NFC- A, B , F

    There are slight differences in the Rf level between these , not sure what iPhone support but they might have to change the reader for it

    Also Apple does not play well , they always implement there own protocols on top of existing technology, to make some accessories for iphone you have to do extra licensing from their Mifi program
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    NFC is open for Android to use as they wish as far as I know.

    IOS on the other hand is very limited outside of ApplePay as to what you can use it for, Apple won't open it up for general use which sucks.
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    Yes we can bash Apple for being Apple ish but that’s not the point here.

    They even have an article about that.

    And I am aware of the fact that’s there are two (? Or more) “types”.
    But since it tries to negotiate som thing w my credit card, I think technically It should be possible...
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    @dder Your phone offers you that because it thinks that a handshake might be possible. This doesn't imply that the devices can communicate. For that, apple probably has their own protocol, which it insists on using after the handshake, rather than the industry standard.
    Edit: I realized the situation is a bit more chaotic. Still, the possibility of a handshake doesn't imply that it'll work.
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    @dder have you tried the steps mentioned in the link that you share

    Seems like all you need to do is scan you card and save in wallet

    After that you phone can be the NFC card
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    I think even if you uni doesn’t make app you can use

    To do the sane
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    @hardfault yes I’ve done as described, but there is no button “add to wallet”

    Also that app doesn’t seem to work with my card. I also tried other cards (credit card, national id,...) that app doesn’t recognize any of them...
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    @dder that means it is using a nfc standard that is not widely supported, so your uni infra guy was right
    . i tried same on my nexus 5 it worked , but doesn’t work on iPhone
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    @hardfault thanks.
    Then I think we can bash Apple now :)
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    @dder Bashing apple isn't half as fun when the "industry standard" is three mutually incompatible versions.
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    @Lor-inc true that.
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