Customer called, said they needed help deleting some images and that they'd mail me a list.

Today I received a package with 20 A4 pages containing nothing but crossed over thumbnails.

I've seen images in .docx files attached to emails, .bmp files, pdf's and zip files with images before...

But literally mailing thumbnails, that's a first..

If only we lived in a digital age where you could capture your screen and image manipulate it later.

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    "needed help deleting some images"

    Like decision making, or physical deletion? I feel overqualified suddenly.
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    I feel sad for the poor tree that has been cut down for those 20 needless pages
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    You should mail them back
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    Throw into shredder, job done
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    Dude. This is your chance of shredding it and sending it back. Don't waste it.
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