The worst part of being a Dev? The lonely feeling when you are the only one who likes to develop in your group of friends

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    I know that feeling. Almost all of my friends are non-dev .And it's funny cause I am a CS students most of them don't know shit about anything
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    Welcome to devRant and the thousands of new friends just like you 😀
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    I really don't mind this aspect, I have a pretty diverse group of friends, lawyers, scientists(too many fields to list), professors (too many fields to list), bartenders, chefs, business owners etc. Not a single one of us truly does the same thing for work and it leads to a lot of very interesting conversations with a lot of different view points.
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    @Treighton I agree with you, but sometimes I think about little dev-jokes and I cannot say nothing because nobody could understand... Just for this aspect... I like to hang out with my friends, talk with them for all the different points of view! :)
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