Third time that I redesign my app UI. I hate myself

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    At least you do it by choice. There are companies out there who completely overhaul their UI design everything every couple of years and then you have to do a complete UI overhaul of all the company's products - and when you finally get the last one done, the cycle restarts: Yay!
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    kitchensinking your designs is easy when you dont know exactly what info or interactions need to be available.

    the simplest way to decide 1. what to prioritize 2. what info and interactions your users need..at the same timd, is do the following: decide what *problems* your users want or are trying to solve.

    cuts out a lot of sidetracking shit and meandering feature-creep when you think strictly in terms of

    1. whatis my users current problem 2. what exact ui elements or interactionsam I providing for the user to solve this problrm 3. what information do they need to use or understand these ui elements (notifs, button states, labels, data) and judge if they succeeded?

    google sheets simplest element for example, might be a singlr data cell. users problem: wants to store some data and organize it. solutions/elements/interactions: a box they can click and begin typing. saves and displays its value in real time.

    and then you start by defining as many user problems as occur to you.
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    @Wisecrack I agree with you, I already work in this way, the real problem is that when I finish and I actually test the app I'm like "You know what? I can do it better" and I restart from scratch
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